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Alan Gilbert Mobility Scholarship for Mr Nigel Ren Yan Kour

We are pleased to announce that Nigel Ren Yan Kour, a Masters student in the ICR group, received an Alan Gilbert Mobility Scholarship and a Melbourne Global Scholars Award from The University of Melbourne. With these scholarships, Nigel will spend one semester at ETH Zurich, Switzerland, as part of his University of Melbourne degree course. Congratulations to Nigel on this achievement! 15-August-2018

World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, July 8-12

The ICR Group is bringing our research to the #WCB2018 in Dublin.

Stop by our posters:

  • P1075: Optiray350 as an alternate agent for contrast enhanced microCT
    imaging of mouse articular cartilage
  • P2292: Facilitating reproducible longitudinal microCT imaging of the mouse
    knee using a novel holder

Come listen to our oral presentations:

  • July 9th, 15:40 in the Advanced Bioimaging session: O0535, In vivo micro computed tomography (microCT) segmentation for biomechanics studies of mouse tibiofemoral joints
  • July 12th, 8:30 in the Functional tissue engineering of articular cartilage and
    fibrocartilage session: O1772, Investigating the role of glycosaminoglycans-ECM interactions in auricular cartilage

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New Staff & Students

Welcome to Ms Gemma Donker, Ms Negin Yaghmaie, and Ms Pardis Farjam, Master of Biomedical Engineering students from Melbourne, Milan and Tehran, all joining the ICR Group for internship projects in July 2018. 18-June-2018

regenHU 3DDiscovery Bioprinter

We are excited to have received and installed the new 3DDiscovery Bioprinter from regenHU into the MSE Mechanobiology Lab. For more about the printer and the lab visit The Lab page. 24-Jan-2018

PhD Students Projects available

Are you interested in joining the ICR Group for a research project? Visit Student Projects to find Capstone, Summer, MSc and PhD research opportunities.

We are currently looking for two PhD students in:

New Equipment for the MSE Mechanobiology Lab

Our group head Dr Kathryn Stok, together with Dr Vijay Rajagopal, head of the Cell Structure and Mechanobiology Group, have received MSE Strategic Investment Funds. The funds will be used to purchase critical pieces of laboratory equipment for the new Melbourne School of Engineering Mechanobiology Lab founded by Kathryn and Vijay.

2018 ARC Discovery Project Grant for Dr Kathryn Stok

Dr Kathryn Stok, ICR Group Head, has secured 3-years of funding from the Australian Research Council for her project “Quantitative micro-computed tomography for mechanobiological measurement”.

This project aims to investigate novel measurement approaches for complex cartilage and joint systems by utilising engineering and software design, imaging physics and musculoskeletal biology. Accurate measurement of these living biological systems in action expects to generate new knowledge and a fundamental understanding of their mechanobiological processes. This project will enhance understanding of this complex system and facilitate our capacity to innovate functional solutions in biomedical engineering and biosciences.