Consulting & Expertise

Micro-Computed Tomography

Micro-computed tomography (microCT) provides three-dimensional images of internal structures of objects in the micrometre range. Biological, natural and synthetic structures can be imaged and analysed. Quantitative evaluation of object morphometry can be applied using image-processing  to provide information on volume, thickness, surface area, porosity and pore diameter. Samples scanned with microCT can then be analysed using other techniques (histology, mechanics, etc) due to it’s non-destructive nature. The ICR Group has over 15 years experience of consulting and research in imaging and image processing with microCT.

microCT Imaging

  • imaging of hard biological materials (bone, teeth)
  • imaging of tissue-engineered and soft biological materials
  • imaging of biomaterials (bulk and granular) and synthetic structures for biological purposes (3D-printed, cast, etc)
  • development of purpose-built sample positioning systems

microCT Image Processing & Analysis

  • production of high-quality 3D images of images structures
  • segmentation of different materials
  • quantitative morphometric analysis of long bones, joints, bone biopsies, teeth, cartilage, biomaterials and tissue-engineered constructs


Mechanical material properties are highly important in biological development, disease aetiology and musculoskeletal function. The ICR Group provides high-quality mechanical characterisation of biological materials using multiple experimental testing protocols and devices for measuring and analysing the role of micro-mechanics in hard and soft biological structures. These devices include protocols for determination of friction, fracture, tension, compression, indentation and viscoelastic material properties. We have custom add-ons for high-throughput testing, image-guided assessment, and testing within physiological environments.

Micro-Mechanical Testing

  • high-throughput, reproducible, mechanical testing and analysis of tissue-engineered and soft biological materials
  • tension, compression, 3- and 4-point bending, pullout, torsion, creep, stress-relaxation tests
  • fracture healing and implant fixation testing
  • image-guided mechanical testing: mechanical testing combined with microscopy or microCT imaging

Micro-Mechanical Processing & Analysis

  • high-throughput processing of mechanical data using Matlab to give standard material properties
  • custom-scripts for extracting material properties of interest to biological questions

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