Meet us at the ESB congress 2021

We’re excited to be attending the 26th congress of the European Society of Biomechanics next week. On Tuesday, 13/7/2021 from 9.30am (CEST) we’ll be holding presentations all around imaging for musculoskeletal applications. Manuela Boos is going to kick us off with her presentation about “Contrast-enhanced micro-CT for 3D visualization of GAG content in different cartilage types”. A/Prof Kathryn Stok will then hold a presentation about “A nanoparticle-based contrast agent for micro-computed tomography imaging of the osteochondral interface”. Next, Pholpat (Big) Durongbhan will present his work on the “Robust alignment of rabbit and rat joint scans for preclinical osteoarthritis studies”. Last but not least, Ren Yan Nigel Kour will give a presentation about “Enabling real-time visualization of in vivo cartilage under precision mechanical loading”. Click here if you want to join us and learn about our work. We hope to see you all there!