World Congress of Biomechanics, Dublin, July 8-12

The ICR Group is bringing our research to the #WCB2018 in Dublin.

Stop by our posters:

  • P1075: Optiray350 as an alternate agent for contrast enhanced microCT
    imaging of mouse articular cartilage
  • P2292: Facilitating reproducible longitudinal microCT imaging of the mouse
    knee using a novel holder

Come listen to our oral presentations:

  • July 9th, 15:40 in the Advanced Bioimaging session: O0535, In vivo micro computed tomography (microCT) segmentation for biomechanics studies of mouse tibiofemoral joints
  • July 12th, 8:30 in the Functional tissue engineering of articular cartilage and
    fibrocartilage session: O1772, Investigating the role of glycosaminoglycans-ECM interactions in auricular cartilage

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